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Build Muscle Bulk & Get Lean – Possible to Do Both at the Same Time? Check Out This Proven Technique

One of the most commonly asked questions for people trying to get in shape is, “How do I build muscle bulk and get lean?” Well accomplishing that goal requires a very specific and strategic plan. Here is the approach you need to take in order to achieve that result.

First it’s important to realize that to build muscle bulk and get lean, both your training and nutrition are affected. After all, you can’t build muscle while maintaining a caloric deficit and you can’t get lean while increasing your caloric intake beyond the daily needs of your body. What’s important to reach your goal is to get your plan set to have your nutrition and training coincide with one another.

Here is the approach:

On days when you are lifting to build muscle bulk, then plan on those days being your caloric surplus days. Or, after your extreme muscle building workout, feed your muscles with a huge surplus of calories for several hours after the workout.

On days when you are attempting to achieve fat loss by through very intense heart pumping metabolically grueling resistance and cardio training, create a caloric deficit as well by limiting your food intake.

Or work in weekly cycles. For two weeks commit to building muscle and maintain a caloric intake to support that muscle growth. Then take a week off performing the very demanding fat loss training and maintain the required caloric deficit that corresponds with that training effort.

Apply the approach of matching caloric intake with training focus and you will build muscle bulk and get lean…at the same time.

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