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Build Muscle in 60 Seconds?

Yes I know… it sounds ridiculous right? Clearly it takes hours and hours in the gym to develop the thick muscular physique that most guys would kill for. You have to workout almost everyday around the clock if you want to pack on some serious muscle mass… Actually that is not very true at all. In order to stimulate maximum muscle growth, you only need to directly target each muscle group once per week! Yes, you read it right… contrary to what most muscle heads in the gym may tell you, about three days per week (one hour per session) is all that is necessary! To take it a little bit further, the most crucial part of your workout sessions that actually stimulates muscle growth is the last one or two repetitions of each set! Let me explain…

The key to muscle growth and development is to train your body to muscular failure. This means that each set is carried out to the point where you can not possibly complete another repetition with proper form despite your best efforts. Therefore it is the last one or two repetitions that actually stimulate your muscle growth. The other repetitions in the set are only there to get you to this point. Those precious few seconds during the last couple of reps make all the difference! But why is this?

Well when you put stress on the body, your body thinks that there is a threat to its survival. So as an adaptive response it rebuilds the muscles bigger and stronger in order to handle the new stress levels. Therefore, constantly putting the body under new stress levels will cause the body to continuously “adapt” and build bigger and stronger muscles. This can only be done by pushing your body to its limits, training to muscular failure each time you step in the gym.

So to make it plan and simple… if you really want to build some serious muscle mass in the shortest time possible, make sure that you are carrying each and every set in the gym to muscular failure. By doing this, you will find yourself getting bigger and stronger every week. Do not waste your time doing the same routines each week. Lifting the same amount if weight for the same amount of repetitions each workout will produce almost zero progress. If you never put any new stress on the body, it will not have any incentive to grow. If you really want it, then you are going to have to push your body to its limits. Doing the same things and expecting different results is the definition of insanity!

Best wishes,

Greg Shyne

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