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Building Muscle Tone – Increase Your Strength and Get Ripped Muscles

Building muscle tone is not the same as building muscle mass. The latter is more about bulking up and increasing the size of one’s muscles, while the former is closer to the definition of defined or ripped muscles. Get the drift? Well, muscle tone does not necessarily mean bulkier and bigger muscles. It is more about the shape rather than the size. You might be slighter in build than your traditional body builder, but your body will look fit and you will have muscles despite being slimmer than the big, barbell guys.

First benefit – you’ll look good. You may be slim or slight in built, but having toned muscles will mean you will not be flabby but will be streamlined and will look fit. In short, you will look good. The second benefit has something to do with strength. Having muscles instead of fat definitely puts a plus on your strength tally. Having ripped and toned muscles will allow you to be more nimble and be more physically capable. Third, you will feel good. Looking good and feeling strong are good things, right? Trust me, both will make you feel good.

First, lift weights. The most useful exercise equipment for you are barbells and dumb bells. These tools will allow you to work a lot of muscles and will help improve your balance. They can also help you shed excess fat which will result in bringing muscles into more prominence.

The second important step to build muscle tone is to do compound workouts or exercises that utilize more than one joint movement. Squats, bench press and lunges are some of the best examples of compound exercises. Third, choose a workout program that is just right for you. Basically, this means don’t lift weights too heavy for you and don’t lift weights that are too light for you since they will not produce any desired result. As long as you feel the tension without pulling any muscle and you feel the weight and have to exert effort to lift something without feeling excruciating pain or acquiring an injury, then you are doing everything right.

What else aside from workouts?

Building your strength and getting ripped muscles do not start and stop at the gym. You also need to pay attention to your diet. Lean meat, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits are the ideal components of daily meals for people who wish to tone their muscles. Also, get enough rest and sleep and stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.

Building muscle tone does not require heavy weight lifting or extreme workouts. More than anything else, diligence and determination will give you the ripped muscles you have always wanted to have.

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