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Can You Build Muscle Without Weights?

You can build muscle without weights . The vast majority of

people can add a good deal of muscle mass to their bodies without the

use of weight lifting equipment. In this article we will take a closer look

at the benefits of building muscles without the use of weights. We will

look at two specific ways to bulk up without weights. And we will show

you some specific exercises that will help you increase the size of your

muscles with no weights involved.

Why would you want to build muscle without weights? Safety is one

reason. Many weightlifting exercises should be done with a spotter. The

job of a spotter is to monitor and assist the lifter. If you were doing

bench presses, the spotter would make sure you did not get

trapped beneath the bar after one too many presses. But if you are

exercising alone, there is no spotter. Many people feel safer exercising

without weights so that they do not find themselves in such a situation.

A second reason folks would want to build their muscles without

weights is that they simply do not have a weight set. Maybe they have

no place to store the weights or do not want to go to the expense of

buying a bunch of weights. Thirdly, maybe they just like exercising

without the hassle of always changing weights. They can move from

exercise to exercise more quickly and get a cardiovascular benefit during

their workout.

Two ways you can build muscle without weights are by exercising using

your body weight and by exercising with resistance bands. Your body

can provide a lot of resistance when you exercise. When you do pushups

your arms and chests are pushing a lot of weight. When you do pullups

you are using your entire body as resistance.

Resistance bands are large rubber tubes that can substitute for weights.

They come in many different shapes and sizes. With resistance bands

you can more effectively exercise the whole muscle range and get a good

burn. The bands are great for exercises such as arm curls and overhead

presses. With a little imagination, you can do almost any exercise with

resistance bands that you could do with free weights.

In order to get a really great workout without weights, consider

combining both body weight exercises with resistance band exercises.

That way you will get the best of both systems.

Here is a simple exercise program that uses both bands and body weight as resistance.

You could do pushups, pullups, squats, abdominal crunches, and lunges

using your body as resistance. Bicep curls, overhead curls,

overhead presses, toe raises, and bent over rows could all be done with

the resistance bands. A simple exercise program like this could help

many people build muscle mass. It is not a program intended for serious

bodybuilders. It is a program that could serve the needs of people who

just want to get in better shape in their everyday lives.

There are endless ways you can build muscle without weights. The

exercise program I have outlined above is just an example. Experiment

with different workout routines and find the one that is right for you.

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