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Creatine Supplement – Does it Really Help You Build Muscle Or is it a Total Waste of Money?

You have probably heard about Creatine if you are interested in building muscle but you may be surprised to hear that Creatine does not build muscle in the way that you think it does. In fact, it does not help to build muscle directly, unlike protein supplements, which do.

This is not to say that buying a Creatine supplement is a waste of money, far from it, because it is one of the first supplements you should consider if you want to gain lean muscle mass.

What Creatine does is help you to train harder by helping your muscles to recover more quickly after exercise and helps you to train a little bit harder too.

Therefore, although a Creatine supplement in itself does not build muscle it helps you to build muscle by boosting your energy levels if you see what I mean.

Foods such as beef, herring and salmon, naturally contain a fair amount of Creatine but you would have to eat lots of these every day to get the same effect as you get from just one teaspoon of Creatine powder.

Of course, you still have to a good exercise program and make sure that you have the right nutrition plan to build more muscle but taking Creatine will improve your stamina and endurance thus helping you to train harder and recover faster from your exertions.

So, by taking a Creatine supplement, you will have a more effective workout, which will help you to build muscle fast.

If you are a little bit worried about taking a Creatine supplement rest assured that it has been one of the most extensively studied fitness supplements and is safe to use, although you should always do your own research, as everyone is different.

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