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Does It Really Matter How Often I Eat to Build Ripped Muscle?

Ever heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’? I’m sure most people have, this is the same when I look at training. Most people do not focus enough of their efforts on the way they eat, but when it comes down to it if you compare someone who eats healthy, often and focused on their results and trains and another person eats take away foods, doesn’t eat so often and uses protein shakes and supplements to replace a diet you definitely can tell the difference based on muscle definition. This is why I believe the way we eat is so important if you want to achieve the ripped and lean muscle build you desire so much… and who wouldn’t want to achieve this look? It looks amazing!

Although eating the right food can make a huge difference when ensuring your body has enough of each nutrient it requires each day, the time of eating and how many times you eat and the size of your meals can make a big change to your look. It is known in the weight loss industry that if you eat the same amount of food which you normally eat in 3 meals but break it up to 6 – 8 meals a day that you will in fact lose weight (without doing any exercise). The reason is that your metabolic system or your metabolic rate is increased every time you eat. This assists in burning up body fat, and if you provide the right food this can burn body fat up fast! Not only does it burn up body fat but it also provides your body with a continual supply of the nutrients it requires (in particular protein) to build, repair and fuel your muscles.

The reason why burning up body fat is so important when we are looking at achieving a ripped or lean muscle physique is because that’s what achieving a ripped body is all about, building muscle and burning body fat. This is the exact reason why you can see the muscle definition. Some people call it the ‘defined muscle look’ and more well know as looking ‘Cut’. So when coming back to the question does eating often help build a ripped body, definitely yes! 6 times a day is normally a good number to start with, but even 8 is great to achieve. But don’t forget eating 3 times, 6 times or even 8 times a day is going to achieve a ripped body physique just like that you also need to ensure you are eating the right types of foods to assist your body to build muscle, fuel your body for training, recover and repair your muscles after training while burning up fat within your body all day and all night long. This can begin to confuse some people, but I take the ‘a bit of everything’ approach. I eat a bit of every meat, a bit of every fruit and vegetable and a bit of everything that is a fresh and wholesome for my body.

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