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How Do I Get a Ripped Body?

When it comes to training this is how I look at it. There are 24 hours in the day, 1 hour is spent training (some people train longer I know but 1 is enough) than there is 23 hours in there for recovery, which includes repairing the muscle and growing it. So recovery last so much longer than your workout, and without recovering correctly you won’t build muscle to your full capacity. The only way your body can recover and build the muscle is by ensuring it has all the nutrients available in your body that it needs. I personal believe doing this through eating correctly or dieting is a much healthier way and it also provides a much better ripped muscle build (in my opinion). But what do you eat to build a lean, ripped body? Well you need your protein but you also need much more than that and much of it can be found with fresh foods!

You see if your body has everything it needs to build muscle and by eating enough foods with protein such as tuna, beef, chicken, whole eggs, etc. then you need foods that are then going to work at burning up fat. Let’s face it, a ripped body is one that has lean muscle and very low fat. There are many options of what you can eat, but there are some more beneficial options available out there also such as herbs and spices that actual help speed up your metabolism to help you achieve the low fat percentage.

Supplements are used to overcome this but I personally prefer to cook great tasting fresh meals, feel fresh, have high energy levels, feel healthy and also achieve all my goals quicker than I expected! I do not recommend you stick to some crazy low calorie diet, as I believe starting something that’s hard can result in you failing and then feeling guilty and losing your motivation. I say you cook fresh foods, eat fresh produce and feel free to eat those little delights, just don’t eat them so much. I still go buy my chocolate, and my lollies, and other sweets but my food that I eat predominantly is not take out or fast food, it’s all cooked by me quick and easily with fresh foods. This is how I achieve all my results.

The secret to achieving a great natural looking ripped body is your diet! There are many ways within the type of diet option you take, however I prefer to understand how to cook food that burns the fat, builds the muscle helps recover your whole body. That way you can eat what you like, just with the ingredients that you know are going to help you achieve your results all day long!

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