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How to Build Muscle Fast – 3 Turbocharged Techniques That Will Boost Your Muscle Growth Immediately

Not too many individuals really understand how to gain muscle fast. This is probably the major reason why the majority of individuals out there are not walking around with a lean and trim body. Perhaps one of the reasons why a lot of people do not get the results they would like is that they really don’t put in the amount of work that is required. But yet others that do work hard still don’t get the results. What is this missing factor? What is this key ingredient that spells success or failure for most people.

Here are the key components to achieve the muscle results you desire fast:

Train Hard

This is probably the one thing that most guys don’t get. Your work outs do not have to be extremely long. They can be short in terms of time as long as you maintain a high degree of intensity. You need to take each repetition seriously and get the maximum results out of it. Try to add more weight or resistance each time you do the exercise. If you do not add more resistance your body will never grow and you will never see the type of growth that you want.

Proper Supplements

Supplements are not the end-all and be-all to gaining a body builders body. But proper nutrition is essential for the muscles to grow. The supplements that I would suggest that you take would be of course — high quality protein — creatine — vitamin C — and other supplements that are particular to your muscle and nutritional needs, if any. Forget steroids unless you have the fortune to spend and can do with the legal and health ramifications of their use.


This is an exciting muscle building protocol that will have your muscles bursting out of your shirt sleeves like nothing else on this planet. To properly use this training method you must hold the resistance at the peak of the muscles contraction instead of just pushing through your repetitions. So for example in the barbell curl. In that last inch of curl before your elbow locks and you would hold the resistance in that spot for a count of 10. This pushes an incredible amount of blood into your muscle tissue which will explode your muscle mass faster than anything ever imagined in your bodybuilding efforts.

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