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How to Build Muscle Mass Fast – A Common Sense Approach

Like a lot of young men, when I started bodybuilding I wanted to gain pounds and pounds of muscle so that I could look like the professional bodybuilders I saw in the magazines.

So what did I do?

I trained like a wild man-I would try any and every routine I found in the magazines, but I was not satisfied, I would do more.

Of course, I grew, most beginners do, regardless of how bad they over train.

I think this has more to do with our enthusiasm for training than anything else, but this still does not make it good.


Looking back now, what I should have done was trained mostly using the basic exercises, squats, dead lifts, all kinds of rowing movements, incline and overhead presses, etc.

If you notice I said mostly, because I know back then no matter what anyone told me, I was going to do barbell curls, so we will put them in there as well-but only after all the major work has been done.

Another thing I would have done would have been not to train to failure.

I know a lot of people feel this is an essential part of gaining muscle, but over the years I have learned that you almost have to coax your body into growing, not force it.


If I had a chance to start over I would do this.

I would pick one basic exercise per major muscle group, like squats for legs and dead lifts for back and do them in either the 5×5 style or the 8×3 style.

One has you doing five sets for five reps per set for a total of twenty five reps and the other has you doing eight sets of three reps per set for a total twenty four reps.

If you wanted you could do 5×5 one week and 8×3 the next week, the variety will do you good.

However, with the above routine, I would not go to failure on any set-again I know this goes against what most people say to do, but just gradually work the weight up on your sets-do not force it.

Take your time and let your body adapt and grow.

Along with this eat plenty of good food like, lean beef, whole eggs, whole grain breads and fruits along with plenty of good fats from natural (no sugar added) peanut butter along with fatty fish like sardines, and you will grow.


I know the above routine looks basic-and it certainly is not the hot thing of the month.

But, trust me, it works, and will add pounds of muscle to your frame.


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