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How To Build Muscle Quickly — Three Sure Fire Tips

Human beings are naturally impatient, and this even extends to the pursuit of a hard body. Many will ask how to build muscle quickly and, in fact, there are some solid tips that you can follow to get yourself results within a matter of weeks.

First of all, eat well and avoid too many carbs. Protein and fats are the key to building muscle quickly. When you work out, the muscle fibres are “damaged” ever so slightly. When you feel sore, it is an indication that you have done some of this good “damage”. Protein helps to repair the fibres and in doing so, will bulk you up.

Protein is essential if you want to know how to build muscle quickly. My recommendation is to try the variety of shakes out there and the best ones consist of whey protein.

Secondly, make sure you get a good workout. There is no sense in doing forty or fifty repetitions — this is a sure fire way to not learn how to build muscle quickly. You will soon realise after a matter of weeks when you don’t build any muscle at all!

The key to getting an effective workout is to perform about eight to twelve repetitions per set. And when you reach that final repetition in the set, you should not be able to do another one. You should be at failure and absolutely unable to do another one. If you can, then you are simply not using enough weight and need to increase it. This is the most effective way to work out with weights and will give the most rapid growth in muscle tissue.

Lastly, motivation is very important. Diet and workouts are key in learning how to build muscle quickly, but you cannot achieve any of it unless you have the correct motivation. Make sure your head is in gear first. Ask yourself — why do I want to build muscle. If it is simply to get one girl, forget it!

But if you want to improve your health, both body and mind, or decide that you are fed up of being weak, want confidence and a better outlook on life — these are all excellent reasons for learning how to build muscle quickly.

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