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Improve Your Diet For Building Muscle is the Key to Sustainable Muscle Growth

Everyone knows that the key to long term sustainable muscle building is a balance between exercise and a diet for muscle building. However, what many often do not know is that the supplements so many body builders take can actually be completely pointless. If your diet is right then many supplements are entirely unnecessary. So what are the muscle building foods you should be eating.


The simple fact is that protein promotes muscle growth and therefore must be an essential part of a diet for building muscle. This is why so many muscle building supplements out there aimed at bodybuilding professionals and novices alike contain large amounts of it. But what many fail to realise is that the body simply excretes any excess protein as waste. So essentially, the supplements are worthless if you are eating a diet with sufficient protein anyway. The foods that are high in protein are nuts and seeds, beans, pulses, fish, milk, cheese and eggs. Eating the lower fat high protein foods is what will have the best results for you.

Complex Carbohydrates

It is impossible to talk about the best diet for building muscle without talking about complex carbohydrates. These make up the bulk of the energy source for your body and energy will be absolutely essential, particularly with the vigorous workout program you have probably put yourself on. Take these from whole wheat products (as opposed to processed white foods which really should be avoided at all costs), for example, wholemeal bread or toast and oatmeal.

Those are basically the two food groups to ensure you have a good intake of. By the same token, cut out as much junk food and fatty food as you can and this should see the best results of your diet for building muscle.

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