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Limiting Factors in Building Muscle

Building muscle is one of the miracles of life. It is sometimes difficult to understand why some people can build muscle easier than others. With basic nutrition guidelines you can see how your own body builds muscle. Before diving in to the principles of muscle growth, you have to realize that there are limiting factors which may affect your progress.

First off let’s discuss some of the sticking points of muscle building. The largest and most predictive factor of muscle growth is genetics. An easier way to understand the diverse range of body types among humans is to look at dogs. From a Chihuahua to a St. Bernard you can see the massive difference between these two animals. Humans have the same limited or great genetic potential. The people with good genetics will have a combination of low body fat and high amounts of muscle.

Just because you may have average genetics doesn’t mean you can’t build muscle. Muscle is built from consuming protein. After you digest the protein it is broken down into amino acids. Amino acids are the basic building materials for raw solid muscle. Everyone is capable of building muscle, so regardless of your genetics you can always improve your body.

Eating protein is only half the battle to increasing muscle mass. The next part is to put stress on your muscles. Muscle growth occurs when you physically exert your muscles because at this point your muscles and break down. This is why you may feel sore after a workout. Your muscles have been broken down and are ready to be built back up. Regular weight training on your muscles gives you the best chance for gaining lean muscular mass.

When starting off with a workout program, less is more. One of the pitfalls of bodybuilding is over training. When beginning a new training routine use light weights to warm up. If you over exert your muscles you may injure yourself or be sore for several days to a week. So just take it easy when starting off on a brand-new training routine. You will quickly build up the muscle you are looking for if you follow the guidelines discussed here.

The final step to build muscle is rest. You cannot grow without adequate time for your muscles to build. Generally working your muscles several times a week is plenty for muscle growth. Rest combined with moderate protein consumption and a regular training routine is your path to build muscle.

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