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Muscle Building and Eating – Essential Guidelines For Maximum Muscle Gains

When advising novices as to the best and most productive way forward when it comes to muscle building, it is rather amusing to watch the reaction on their faces when they are informed that they are eat more food, more often, and ensure that they increase their calorie intake. Their face seems to a combination of both shock and suspicion as they probably suspect that the person who has just imparted this wisdom is close to madness.

In order to achieve muscle building, your body needs plenty of raw materials to help achieve this process. Specifically, an increase in calories which are to be derived from very specific food types, namely, complex carbohydrates and protein. Therefore, junk food of all shapes, sizes and varieties are to be avoided like the plague as they will compromise and hinder your overall progress.

The complex carbs are the raw energy supply of the body, and are for the body what electricity is for a computer. The protein is used to help create and repair new muscle tissue and mass, as well as the damaged muscle mass which is an inevitable and essential part of the muscle building process.

However, not only is it essential that you eat more food, it is also critical that you eat it in the correct manner. You see, the human body, as sophisticated and wonderful a thing as it is, is not infallible and therefore is only capable of processing a certain number of calories at any given time. If we consume more calories at any given time than our metabolism can actually contend with, this will mean any surplus is stored as fat.

Therefore in order to prevent this it is crucial that rather than eating several large meals a day, i.e. binge eating, that you space out your food consumption throughout the entire course of the day.

By Eating several small meals your body will be able to put the calories that have been consumed to good and proper use, i.e. for the development of new muscle mass, not stored as additional Fat.

Remember, the muscle building and growth process is a dynamic and fluid process, and one that does not “stop and start”. By spacing our meals this means that our body always has a sufficient amount of raw materials stockpiled in order to achieve the intended results.

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