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Stop Being Skinny – Build Muscle With These Principles

If you're currently skinny, build muscle mass is something you will want to focus on to completely change how you look to others. Often those who are not using the right techniques will fail with their programs and will find it takes months if not years to get the results they are looking for.

Fortunately, if you can approach your training with special techniques, you can get results in half the time.

Here are the main things you need to know to beat skinny, build muscle!

Change Your Workouts Often

One of the key factors to realizing success with your muscle building workout program is to chance your workouts up frequently.

If you are going to the gym and doing the same workout over and over again you're going to find that eventually progress comes to a stop. It's the constant changing of the workout over time that places a brand new stimulus on the muscles, causing them to respond and get stronger.

There are many things you can change with your workout if you want to beat skinny, build muscle such as the number of sets you're doing, the particular exercises you execute, as well as how much rest you use between sets.

Utilize Various Grips

The second thing to think about as you go about your training program is the grips you are using. Keep in mind there are underhand grips, overhand grips, wide grip, narrow grip, and so on.
Altering this within your workout is one of the best ways to change things around and keep the muscles growing.

The simple act of moving from a regular grip to an underhand grip with a row will move the focus from predominately being on the back to a focus where more stress is placed on the biceps.

Eat One Hundred Grams Of Carbs Post-Workout

Finally, the last thing you must make sure you do in order to stop being skinny, build muscle quickly is to eat properly. If you don't supply your body with enough total calories to build new muscle tissue, you aren't going to get results.

The best time to supply these additional calories is immediately after the post-workout period since this is when they are most able to suck those calories up and use them for re-storage of muscle glycogen.

Therefore, don't hold back immediately after a workout. Aim to eat at least 100 grams of carbohydrates at this point (which translates to 400 calories worth) to maximize your muscle building results.

So keep these points in mind. You definitely can get the results you're looking for if you follow the correct training principles.

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