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The Fastest Way to Build Muscle – What is It?

The holy grail, the secret formula, the scroll that sits atop that snowy mountain peak – Whatever it is or whatever you call it, everybody wants to know the fastest way to build muscle!

And don’t all of the fitness and bodybuilding magazines just know it? How many times has some such headline like ‘Get Shirt Busting Arms in Just 7 Days!’, peaked your curiosity whilst you were browsing in your local newsagent?

Did you ever try their ‘top secret’ workout? Did it work? If you’re answer to my first question is ‘no’, then you’re extremely lucky. If your answer to the first question was ‘yes’, then your answer to the second question is inevitably a disappointing ‘no’ because there is no such ‘secret’ workout that works for everybody!

If you’ve been burned before, don’t worry – live and learn! However, we can ensure that we are moving towards the fastest way to build muscle by doing certain things such as :

– Using Compound Exercises As The Main Staple of Our Weights/Resistance Workouts

– We are eating enough protein, carbs and good fats to gain muscle on a consistent basis.

– Making sure that we are consuming more GOOD calories daily than we are burning off (remembering that all calories were not created equally!).

– We are taking enough time off to let our muscles recover before battering them in the gym again.

– Using smart and effective supplementation at the right times (No, I’m not advocating spending a bomb on these things. Just the low cost basics – Multi-vitamins, whey protein and creatine)

– Lifting heavy enough with good technique to ensure that our body responds to the demand by building muscle!

Getting these things in order is the fastest way to build muscle on a consistent basis. If you have stopped building muscles or have never had success in your muscle building quest just STOP – Take a look at the points above and if you notice that any one of them is missing from your schedule, rectify it immediately.

So simple, yet these are the most effective things you can to build muscle fast. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

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