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Tips For Reaching Your Muscle Building and Fat Loss Goals!

Want To Sabotage Your Goals? Do This!

Want To Reach Your Goals? Do This!

Muscle & Fiction, Huh, what’s that?

More than 96% of the people who start out on a diet and exercise program, fail to stick with the program after 6 to 8 weeks! Why?

ANSWER… Because they grow physically and mentally weary in that amount of time. Why? Because they become over-worked from the training routine and underfed from the inferior diet.

What do I mean? Well – – the person starts out with the best of intensions. Sets a goal for them self, starts a workout program that they found on the internet or magazine or their favorite celebrities “no-fail-program” to get in shape. They get all pumped-up and start first thing Monday.


By Friday night they are making any and every excuse they can conjure up in their mind to convince them self that it’s “okay” to have a pizza or ice cream or any unhealthy delight that they crave that will surely go against the diet plan they started on Monday morning. You know it’s true… it’s happened to me, you and millions of other well-intentioned people.


Because they read and follow the advice of what I call “Muscle & Fiction” programs and literature. You are bound to fail, you will have no choice but to fail, because… you are following the fictional, inaccurate, fad diet advise.

Do you want the “2-Step-Secret” to guaranteed fat loss and muscle gain? Yes? Okay then, follow this.

#1… QUIT reading all the Muscle & Fiction Bullsh#t – There is no “eat-whatever-you-want-diet” for losing fat and getting in shape. If you allow yourself to believe that cr@p then you deserve to fail! Am I being harsh? NO, I’m being “HONEST” with you. Eat crappy foods and you’ll build a crappy body. You can’t defy the laws on nature, plain and simple!

#2-1… Do what makes sense and feels right – You can’t take years of your life building an unhealthy body and expect to “make-it-healthy” overnight, especially eating processed, denatured and refined foods, it’s IMPOSSIBLE, the human body was not and is not built that way – you have to build healthy blood which in turn builds healthy tissue, which in turn builds healthy bones, and you know what? – – that takes time, what kind of time? – not days, not weeks, but months – – and maybe a year or more if you have really abused your body! make sense? It better or you’re doomed to failure if you think you can fool the ‘laws of nature”. People want to do it quickly, without pain and all pleasure, that’s why “Muscle & Fiction” exists. It panders to your emotions, not you logical brain.

#2-2… Train and eat in a healthy fashion that is best suited for ‘your-body” not someone else’s. Weight train no more than three times a week. If you are weight training in a progressive, continuous regimen you will not be able to weight train more than three times a week. If you can weight train more than three time a week I can guarantee you are not training hard enough, if you train hard and intelligently, you will not be able to train more than three times a week!!

Eat to live, don’t live to eat! You can create easy to make, delicious and nutritious foods that build you up and stop the cravings for sugar and sodium and fatty foods. Food to the body can be like a drug – eat the wrong foods and you’ll trigger the mechanism for wanting more of the wrong foods and drinks. It’s a vicious cycle that always end’s in disappointment and frustration. Eat clean, eat healthy – lean meats – – clean carbs – – plenty of vegetables – – fresh fruit and clean water.


Quit following the Muscle & Fiction – follow the best diet, and the best diet for you is that “diet that works for you” always.

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