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What is the Best Weight Training Program to Build Muscle?

So you think you know the best weight training program to build muscle? Well, if it doesn’t include multiple variations of resistance then you don’t know what you are talking about. Multiple variations of resistance is crucial when trying to build muscle. The concept is very logical. The reason a muscle grows is for one reason… To adapt. And for a muscle to feel the need to adapt it NEEDS various forms of DIFFERENT stimulus. Sticking to one movement over and over while increasing the weight is not good enough. In fact, not only will this not be very effective, you could injure yourself.

“Ok, so tell me Lars, what is the best weight training program to build muscle?” My response, one that has multiple variations of resistance incorporated with it. There are two main fibers in your muscle, the twitch fiber, and the brute strength fiber. Both of these fibers need to be stimulated for optimal growth. This is done by exploding up on the lift, and then lowering the weight in a slow and controlled manner. The lowering movement of the weight has been proven much more effective when trying to build muscle tissue than the lift itself.

Also, for a program to claim that it is the best weight training program to build muscle it also needs to be sure to have multiple exercises for the same muscle group. This is extremely important for muscle growth. The muscle needs to feel something it hasn’t felt before. We do this by activating the muscle with slightly more weight, or a different angle of attack. For example, flat bench with dumbbells, and then over to the decline bench with dumbbells. This activates different portions of the pectoral muscle.

So in conclusion, the best weight training program to build muscle will include multiple variations of resistance.

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