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Why Creatine Helps Build Muscle

So you’ve been reading up on what the most optimal supplements to take are to help you with the process of building muscle. Without a doubt, one of the supplements that you’ve come across time and time again will be creatine.

Many people are using creatine and are seeing great results on it. But, before you dive in and start downing a serving before each and every workout, it’s important to take some time out to realize just why creatine helps build muscle.

Let’s have a look at what you need to know.

Enhances Workout Intensity

The very first reason why you’ll definitely want to be adding some creatine to your supplement protocol is because it’s going to go a long way towards enhancing your workout intensity. Quick question, what do you think would produce better mass gains.

10 sets at 50% of your one rep mass or 3 sets at 90% of your one rep mass?

I hope you said the latter because that is entirely correct. Intensity will always be the most important factor to generating more lean muscle mass as well as getting those strength levels up there.

Since creatine is going to supply the muscles with the high energy compound they require to keep pushing hard, you will see a remarkable difference in how your workout progresses onwards.

Reduces Fatigue

Second, the next reason why creatine helps build muscle is because the amount of fatigue you feel while doing any given workout program is directly related to how much of that high energy compound, ATP, you have in your system.

The minute ATP runs out is the minute that extreme fatigue kicks in and you likely stop your workout.

Creatine is essentially the precursor to ATP generation, so by making sure that your stores of creatine are full, you ensure that you don’t run low in ATP. This means that you won’t experience fatigue as quickly throughout your workouts so you can put in more overall effort at the gym to build quality muscle mass.

Promotes Greater Volume Output

Finally, the last reason why creatine helps build muscle is because due to the fact you aren’t fatiguing as quickly, you’ll be able to do more overall volume per session.

While intensity is always the most important thing, typically those that can include more volume in their workouts will also progress along faster. It all comes down to how much total stress you are placing on the muscles. This overloading stress is made up of a variety of different factors including weight lifted, rest periods taken, sets performed, and the rep range utilized.

Since creatine is going to help out on virtually all of these elements, you can clearly see just why it’s so beneficial.

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