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Will Protein Strip Fat, Help Me to Lose Weight, and Build Muscle?

Anyone who has been to a health food shop has seen the hundreds of different protein shakes on the market, all claiming to strip fat, build muscle, give you abs, and make you look like Arnold at his peak. The reality, is that the majority of these claims are false. And Arnold was on Steroids, big time, just ask his heart surgeon! Remember that last time we mentioned that they give you a helping hand? Well the facts are, that some do. A helping hand, not the perfect body. The reality is that you cant REALLY know, which are good and bad. Unless you know what to look for against what you are trying to achieve.

Generally speaking someone bulking up will have a 50/50 or 60/40 mix of Protein to carbs. Someone trying to lean up will have a 60/25/15 mix of carbs, protein, fat. It does vary, as there are a few aother factors at play.Some also contain concentrated caffeine.

What about someone trying to lose weight? A great question, there a hundreds in this category alone! The answer is it depends on how much food you eat, when etc, etc. Tony Ferguson works on the premise that they work this formula out for you, which they pretty much do.

BUT…The PROBLEM with this approach is that is is NOT NORMAL to feed your body 4 or more Shakes a day-and just 1 meal per day (instead of 5-6). Ask anyone who has been on it if they felt hungry. The human body has evolved to EAT foods, process the food into energy, and store OR dispose of the rest. The problem is that it has taken a “MEAL REPLACEMENT” approach.

The second problem is that the majority of weight loss is fluid initially and then muscle, NOT FAT! Losing muscle slows metabolism- NOT A GOOD IDEA. We have used and tried nearly all of the shakes on the market, and found, use and supply from reputable and customer focused companies. We also limit it to 1 or 2 brands only.

Ok, so now i know which shake is best for me, but how and when do i take them? You generally speaking, want a powder that has at least 18 grams of protein, not many grams of carbs (less than 10) and as low as possible in fat.

To find out which protein meets your requirements, ask us and we will point you in the right direction. The sooner you talk to us, the sooner you will start to feel, look and live better.

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