Alternative Methods to Help Cure Ovarian Cancer

Often known as a “silent killer,” – ovarian cancer usually shows little to zero signs and symptoms of being present at an initial stage, and it is not usually until a later stage that the cancer gets diagnosed. This makes ovarian cancer a particularly nasty cancer to deal with at the best of times, and where surgery has been the favorite method of treatment for many years. However, today there are also various alternative treatment methods available to treat this type of cancer.

1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) – is a very good example of an alternative treatment for ovarian cancer. It works by where the cancer patient is place within a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and exposed to 100% pure oxygen. In turn the oxygen is inhaled by the patient at an increased pressure rate of about 2.5 times more than that of the normal atmospheric pressure.

It is believed that the increase in which the pure oxygen is inhaled, coupled together with the pressure that is created at the time, allows for the red blood cells in the body to become hyper oxygenated by dissolving the fresh pure oxygen into the plasma (55% blood, water, proteins and other solutes) and thus having a curative effect on the patient’s cancer, along with many other illnesses too.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may also help increase the effectiveness of certain types of antibiotics by helping them to perform better, along with stimulating new blood vessel growth which allows for an increment in the circulation of blood where it may otherwise be considered poor. Research has proved that this method of treatment may well cure ovarian cancer.

2. Chemotherapy – is another example of an alternative treatment, although it is on many occasions actually used as a compliment alongside traditional surgery. Chemotherapy can kill existing or remaining cancer cells that may be left behind after surgery, and although considered as an alternative treatment in this case, it does not go without some rather nasty side-effects.

Having been around for many years (an often first option consideration), it could be considered as being a rather vicious alternative to choose, as most alternatives are supposed to be less intrusive (or at least is it understood by many to be that way); however, often chemotherapy is actually considered as being a lesser evil that may well be necessary to help cure the cancer patient.

3. Quercetin (bioflavonoids) – is the last example of three for an alternative ovarian cancer treatment. Quercetin is abundant in anti-oxidant (a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules), anti-arthrogenic, and anti-carcinogenic (a substance that inhibits the development of cancer) properties which are proven agents with a strong ability to fight cancer. It is a type of glycoside chemical (a complex chemical compound found in many fruits and vegetables, but in particular red apples and red onions).

As a supplement, quercetin is not only beneficial for helping cure cancer, but also in preventing allergies, and decreasing body discomfort too. It also contains anti-depressant qualities. By eating plenty of red apples and onions, a cancer patient can-up their intake of quercetin quite considerably, resulting in the many beneficial effects that may otherwise have been ignored.

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