Colon Cancer: Saving Your Life Through Early Diagnosis

Colon cancer is a kind of disease that is very hard to detect in its early stages. You have to consider the fact that colon cancer can be effectively treated if it is diagnosed early. When it reaches more advanced stages, the chances of getting treated for this kind of disease will decrease especially if the cancer has spread to different parts of your body and to other organs.

First of all, the symptoms of colon cancer do not appear in all patients when the cancer is in its early stages. This is what makes it difficult to detect. This is one of the main reasons why physicians and oncologists recommend that people should get a regular check up for colon cancer screenings.

The fact that it is a type of cancer that is number two in the list of killer diseases, you too should get a screening for colon cancer regardless of your family history. You have to remember that the number one thing that increases the chances of colon cancer to develop in your body is unhealthy eating habits.

With all the chemicals and growth enhancers that are sprayed and injected into the food we eat today, you can never really make sure whether or not you are eating right. Furthermore, eating fatty foods and foods that are low in fiber will also increase your risk of getting this deadly disease. Although colon cancer deaths are continuing to decline, the figures are still very high. In fact, research has found that every year, over one hundred thousand people are diagnosed with this

type of cancer. Half of those diagnosed with this killer disease will not survive or will die from the disease. As you can see, it is very important to get screened in a proper colon cancer clinic in order to detect cancer on its early stages. Even if you don't feel anything wrong with your body, you need to get screened as there may be cancerous cells lingering inside your colon waiting for the right conditions to become malignant.

Mainly, the symptoms that people with colon cancer feel is that they are constantly constipated or constantly having diarrhea problems for more than a week. The stool is a much thinner and often comes with blood. You may also feel abdominal pain, bloating and cramps and you will experience loss of weight in a short period of time.

What the clinic and the professionals will do is properly diagnose you through x-rays, CAT scans, and by taking blood and stool samples. Here, they will be able to determine if cancer cells are present. If it is, they will tell you about it and also determine if there are any tumors in your colon. If there is, they will also do some examinations to see if the tumors are benign or malignant. Usually, benign tumors are not removed as it doesn't pose any danger to the patient. However, some people get it removed for the fear that the benign tumor may transform into a malignant one.

These are the things you have to remember about colon cancer. By visiting a colon cancer clinic for regular screening, you will be able to see if you have this killer disease or not. And, if you have, it will be detected in its early stages and get treated by professionals right away.

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