Colon Cancer Survival Rate – Dare To Know Your Chances

A colon cancer survival rate refers to the percentage of people who were reported still living after being diagnosed with the cancer about 5 yrs ago.

There are already a lot of Americans that were diagnosed (and still being diagnosed) with cancer of the colon today. In 2005, more than 70,000 men and almost 70,000 women were diagnosed with colon cancer. In addition, more than 25,000 lives from each gender are being taken annually in the US but the fortunate news is, the colon cancer survival rate is also getting higher as the years progress.

The reason for this is the better health care facilities and services, faster treatment and modern advances. Many physicians believe in the fact that if only most cancer cases are detected early, the rate of survival would surge sky high. The same as cancer of the colon – it can be avoided altogether if there is early detection and more people undergoes colonoscopy as one of the procedures to be done to detect colon cancer.

More less intrusive techniques are also being discovered and introduced by doctors and hospitals. The good thing about them is that they are easier to use and takes less time, which makes it very convenient for both the medical practitioner and the patients.

The average over-all colon cancer survival rate for patients in some countries is reported as follows:

• 62% in Australia
• 68% in Korea
• 43% in Europe
• 62% in the United States of America

As mentioned before, the earlier the stage, the better your chances of survival. The colon cancer survival rate may only depend on what stage a patient is diagnosed. The good thing about early detection is that the cancer cells are still confined in a certain small area, making it easier to be removed from the body. In its earliest stage, the rate of survival is over 95%. To increase the rate of survival, regular screening is heavily advised to find and treat the disease in time.

It is said that if Americans were regularly examined for colon cancer, we can save about 25,000 lives each year. That is a lot of people who are given chances to live second lives. Sometimes, when the disease is already there, "prevention" is instantaneously rendered useless. So the best thing that you can do is detect the disease early. Make sure you got the best doctors for the job! You can also decrease the chances of getting the cancer by eating healthy foods and living a healthy life.

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