Diagnosing Lymph Node Cancer

Lymph node cancer or lymphoma is a serious medical condition, and if you are suspecting of having this disease you should see your doctor immediately. Unlike many other cancers that are found in tumors only in specific location in the body, lymph node cancer usually spreads through the body.

When you first get lymphoma, you will most likely suffer from swollen lymph nodes. They can appear pretty much anywhere- underarms, groin and even in your neck. However, swelling is quite common with many other diseases, so in order to diagnose you properly doctor must do a biopsy.

Biopsy means that a part of your node is removed surgically and then studied in the laboratory. In most cases biopsy for lymphoma can be done under local anesthetic. After that pathologist will examine your tissue sample in the laboratory to see if your cells have been affected by cancer. If that is the case he will identify the exact type of lymphoma you are suffering from. There are 43 types of lymphomas, and your doctor needs to find out which type you have to treat you properly.

Once the biopsy has been done, and your test results come back positive, your doctor will carry out more tests to find out the extent of the spread. Like with many other types of cancer, disease development is divided into 4 groups- stage 1 being the least advanced and stage 4 being the most advanced. Depending on how far your cancer has spread different treatment methods will be considered.

If you are suspecting of having this type of cancer yourself, or would like to know more about this disease you need to visit Lymph Node Cancer . Info to find out how this cruel sickness may affect you, or at lease put your mind at ease if you don't suffer from Lymphoma.

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