Simple Ways to Prevent Prostate Cancer

We all know that prostate cancer can happen to any male and it is a very common type of cancer. There are ways you can incorporate certain foods into your diet to greatly reduce the chance of getting prostate cancer and it is good to add these types of foods in your regiment anyway. One of the easiest foods to add is fish, this is because fish oils have been found to drastically reduce your risks of getting prostate cancer by as much as eleven percent. Most cultures, which have lots of fish in their diets have extremely low rates of the overall population of prostate cancer.

Selenium appears to also be an easy answer to reducing prostate cancer, you could add a daily supplement vitamin with 200 micrograms to assist you. Vitamin E is also a good idea. Soybean products, soy milk and tofu (yuk) are also good things to add into your diet if and when possible. Tomato sauce is something you should add to your diet and you should be able to do this without too much problem.

Unfortunately we have been seeing an increase in the number of prostate cancer by about 3 % per year in white men; 2.3 per year by black men. The good news is the most men do not die of prostate cancer these days due to good screening, better treatments and early detection.

Some things you should not eat? Well high intakes of fat, meat and dairy products. If you love to cook red meat on the BBQ, you might wish to do that in moderation. Smoking and alcohol did not appear to be bad for prostate cancer, but are risks of other cancers as we all know. There are many other things you can add to your diet that you should be thinking about. Perhaps you should study this subject and think on it now and continue to get yearly checkups because if you do get prostate cancer and it is treated early, you stand a very good chance of coming out in flying colors.

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