3 Secret Tips to Stop Bad Body Odour

Do you have bad body odour and are you embarrassed to be around people? Do you also have an excessive sweating problem? If you do, then here are 3 secret tips to stop bad body odour!

1. Wear Merino clothing only

Merino is a natural wool that has special properties to prevent sweat and smell accumulating on clothes. It is the only fibre available at the moment that helps your body breathe, but also keep your body at a natural body temperature. This prevents your body from sweating too much and also reduce body odour.

2. Squeeze fresh lemon on your skin

Lemon is a natural way to remove the bad odorous smell from your skin. It does this by neutralising the pores in your skin and helps make your skin smell fragrant. Squeezing lemon on your skin, especially where it is smelly like your arm pits, can make your sweat glands produce less sweat. This in turn will stop bad body odour.

3. Eat less meat

If you have too much meat in your diet, your body will give off a more noxious smell. This is because when you eat more meat, your body has to break down the meat in your body. This breaking down of the meat produces methane gas which is very smelly and odorous. It is similar to how meat gets rotten but at a much faster pace in your body. To prevent this, you should eat a lot more fruit and vegetables which will smell much nicer!

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