A Deadly Outcome, It Really Is In The Water

History is filled with conspiracies, plots, and treacherous acts that have altered the course of history. 2020 will be remembered by the pandemic that swept over the world. This was by no means an accident. So sinister nobody would have thought that anyone could conceive such a plot to hold the world hostage. A silent terror unleashed by man’s incompetence amidst an Administration desperately seeking a second term.

Human events have been filled with heinous acts of evil intentions whose thirst for power, control, and wealth continues to unleash unimaginable horror. Today’s Coronavirus Pandemic thought not so blood thirsty as those in the past but, none the less the deadly outcomes equate just the same. A lot of people are now starting to ask questions. Who and why at this particular time set in motion the events that are sweeping out of control all over the world today?

It is a very sad fact that too many of societies populations are pawns in the world of Global and national domination. Sacrificial lambs who have always been duped into believing that the way things are is really beyond their control. Sacrificed for the benefit of just a few or the one. So many lives could have been saved and so many livelihoods restored had we had the proper protocols in place when we first had knowledge that a deadly virus was unleashed.

One cannot help wonder that just maybe this Pandemic could have really been avoided entirely even though we may never know if this virus was instigated by someone’s direct influence or not. Could there really be something in the water that people the world over drink? Think about that for a moment! The availability of abundant clean, contaminant free drinking water is a very scarce commodity. In the United States our drinking water is filled with known poisons like Fluoride, and arsenic. Not only is our water but the infrastructure that is in place to transfer water to our faucets has been compromised elevating the dangers and pollutants lurking in our water that contributes to the decline of our immune system.

When our immune system is compromised we fall pray to viruses and infections such as this Coronavirus. It is no wonder then that so many people the world over have and are becoming infected. All because of the water that so many people drink. For decades water infrastructure all across the world has been decaying to the point that more pollution than ever has seeped into aquifers, wells, waste water treatment centers and under ground pipes. All because man continues to use the planet as a garbage dump. The toxins in the worlds water vastly contributes to man’s weakened immune system.

Nobody has even mentioned the fact of how drinking water affects the bodies self defense mechanism. Could it be that Big Pharma would loose out of the billions if people had healthy immune systems to ward off infection instead of relying on an expensive vaccine. But, today so many people in the United States and around the world don’t have the accessibility, the financial capability, and the knowledge to use the proper procedures to boost their immune system along with the hygiene to keep their immune system healthy.

It is a known fact that drinking distilled water and consuming vitamin C, E, Cod Liver Oil and garlic all are immune system enhancers. To support immune systems access to clean hygiene methods, a healthy diet, moderate exercise and sleep all contribute to a persons ability to ward off infections. This trillion dollar bailout the US has implemented will do nothing to educate the population on protective measures nor will it provide the infrastructure to put in place distilled drinking water for all Americans. People the world over will still be without the availability or the financial means to access the necessary items that promotes healthy immune systems and so much more that needs to be done so that another Coronavirus like epidemic will never erupt into the Pandemic we are witnessed to today.

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