Are Your Die-Off Symptoms Typical?

This article will discuss a problem about die off effects. My friend has a lot of symptoms. When she is experiencing die-off, she can get really weak, chest tight, tight throats, dry mouth, panicky feeling of impending doom. She also gets quite “spacy” (and “disconnected” feeling, kind of like she is not quite connected to her body and brain. During the worst she tends to cry like a baby, and wish she could get knocked unconscious.

Is this pretty common? She needs some reassurance, because this die-off is beastly. She has known she has had a Candida problem since last year, and she adjusted her diet, but she just started to seriously take the anti-fungals because she is starting a business and she just could not take the time to suffer through the anti-fungals.

Another symptom that she has had for about 6 months is sinus trouble. From what she read, that’s fairly typical. It’s like you’ve have a minor “cold”, with stuffed up nose. This is so bizarre for her because she has never been sick much in her life. Is there anything that can help with the sinus problem?

If you are having above condition, then this article may benefit you. Although it’s horrible it’s perfectly normal though, and a good sign. It means the treatment is working. How long it lasts depends on how much yeast you have, how fast they’re dying etc, anything from days to months! You should get past the worst of it in a few weeks, though. Drink lots and lots of water with lemon juice in, that helps.

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