Black Death II?

One of the base assumptions today concerning the latest health and medical emergency, this Coronavirus, is that it is very relevant and reminiscent to the Black Death of the 12th and 13 century. During the early middle ages personal hygiene was almost non existent, sanitation, there was none, and the close proximity of people in villages and towns, like London, and Paris made the Black Death such a virulent and deadly plague.

The similarity between Coronavirus and the Black Death is too uncanny not to ignore. The cause of the Black Death was rats and the flees that they attracted. We have known for some time that animals are incubators of germs and disease carrying insects. The plague of the 13th century is still one of the most deadly pandemics in history killing more than 200 million people world wide.

Today, we are faced with a similar threat to humanity. Both the Black Death and this Coronavirus are very contagious, both infect the immune system, both target the respiratory organs, both originated from animals, and both originated from China. But, unlike in the middle ages for the most part personal hygiene is more health conscious and sanitation is in place in all industrialized nations China included. Unfortunately, though millions still live in close proximity with each other. And like in the 13th century people were very mobile. Today, though the mobility of people is allot quicker which makes the transmission of the virus such a major health concern.

That old saying you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth has relevancy not only from the 13 century but today. In the 13th century the nobility had access to real silverware and often ate off of silver plates which contributed to the protecting them from the Plague. They also were able to live and avoid the poor and populated areas of towns and villages. They also were privy to somewhat better methods of hygiene.

Today, what the media and health professionals aren’t telling us is that silver worked in the middle ages. That is why colloidal silver in small amounts will help the immune system and protect many from succumbing to this latest virus. There are other natural remedies that are effective in providing help in protecting and guarding against infection. Yet the medical professionals keeps the public unaware of what we can do to protect ourselves without the so-called medical and pharmaceutical industry telling us what can work

We have in place in many parts of the country the means to lesson the exposure to this new health threat. Unfortunately though the hype by the media in many respects have scared the public. This instead of educating all on the proper procedures to lessen the chances of coming in contact with an infected person. What the media is continually doing is not informing the public about the necessary steps to minimize catching even a cold or Flu which is known to be vary hazardous to the very young, our seniors and those with current health concerns.

Quarantines are effective measures in isolating infected persons and those who have come in contact with infected people but, still the virus is spreading. We cannot wait for the medical community to come up with a costly vaccine. We must be educated as a society in the availability of other methods to ward of becoming infected. And, if we are infected we must be educated on what works like Colloidal Silver or natural herbs like Bupleurum Chinese. This is a plant that has natural antibodies that would negate the effects of pneumonia and this Coronavirus. In this way our society will be able to withstand this latest health emergency.

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