Indian Ayurvedic Tour – A Revitalizing Experience

Ayurveda is the ‘Knowledge or Science of Life’. It derives its name from the Sanskrit words Ayush which means ‘Life’ and Veda which means ‘Knowledge’. Ayurveda deals with the preservation of health and release from disease. The Ayurvedic ethics are found in detail in Atharva Veda, one of the four Vedas (Hindu religious books) of Hinduism.

Ayurveda therapies are based on balancing the dhatu’s and doshas in the human body. It makes use of the relation between three doshas of Vatha (Small & Large Intestines), Pitha (Liver, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Duodenum, Pancreas) and Kapha (Sinuses, Nostrils, Throat, Bronchi) and five dhatu’s of Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vayu and Akasa. Ayurveda proved that every material in the universe can be used as drugs, provided that they are processed and used sensibly, according to this dhosha-bhootha relation.

Ayurveda therapies aim at refining ones mind and soul along with making the body disease free and resistant to infections. One can experience the Ayurvedic treatment that uses natural ingredients such as flowers, tree barks, leaves, spices, gem stones, water and medicinal plants to cure conditions and disorders. Ayurveda remedies have been used in India over the years to cure different types of diseases and other metabolic disorders. The best thing one will discover about these natural health treatments is that ayurveda medicines and therapies have no side effects. Stay at Ayurveda resorts and spas in India and enroll for different Ayurvedic treatments to refreshen your soul.

Ayurveda Destinations in India:

North India-North India has amazing tours that the travelers can gain during the North India tour. By availing the Ayurveda and Meditation tour, the tourists can refresh their health. Ayurveda in Rishikesh (Uttaranchal) is quiet famous. It is considered as one of the key centers for Yoga & Meditation in north India. It has numerous Ayurvedic ashrams which provide Ayurvedic treatment. Rishikesh now has countries best Spa and many Ayurvedic treatment centers for all types of requirements.

The next city is Haridwar which has a number of Ayurvedic ashrams and treatment centers. Some of the ashrams in Haridwar are renowned all over the world.

Delhi, the capital of India also offers a great many of choices for the Ayurvedic lovers. The Osho World and Ayush Therapy center in Delhi are a few places which provide Ayurvedic treatments based on the essential bio-energies of the body. These remedial treatments include Yoga, Panchakarma, naturopathy and natural herbal massages and treatments.

South India-South India is renowned for its different types of Ayurvedic treatments. Kerala offers the several natural remedies available for skin care, hair care and beauty enhancement to serious illness such as paralysis and diabetes. Kerala Ayurvedic treatment is based on the Panchakarma Treatment or the overall treatment in a five step process to cure mental and physical diseases in a pleasant way.

Some of the Ayurvedic treatments are as follows:-

Abhyangam: Strokes moving on the body with oil that is continued for a period of 45 minutes (depending on the nature of the disease especially for obesity and diabetic patients).

Dhara: A concoction of herbal oils, medicated milk and buttermilk are poured on the forehead for those who suffer from sleepless nights. Perfect for releasing of mental tensions and skin diseases.

Dhanyamla Dhara: Drops of warm herbal oil flowing through a special vessel, perfect for treatment of paralysis and rheumatic problems.

Kizhi: Herbal leaves are used to spread herbal powders on the whole body to treat osteoarthritis, arthritis, spondilosis and other injuries.

Lepanam: In this process a medicated herbal paste is applied on the inflamed areas.

Apart from these treatments Ayurvedic steam baths are also given.

Thus an Ayurveda tour to Himalayan destinations or serene Kerala can get you an experience of your lifetime. Sense your body draining of all fatal toxins with an ayurveda therapy. Feel comforted and tension free. Get rid of your anger, nervousness and stress on ayurveda tours to India.

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