Kidney Pain Causes

Kidney pain can be brought on by a number of different medical reasons. Some of the possible underlying causes are mentioned in this article. First of all, let’s give kidney pain a bit of a description. Are you aware of how and where it presents? Typically, it is experienced in the upper area of one’s back. If it is in the middle section, or the lower area, then the discomfort that is being experienced may be due to some other reason. Additionally, it is not normally a dull sensation, but more sharp in nature. Let’s move on now, by looking at some of the medical causes that can be behind kidney pain.

Renal cancer

This is where there is a malignancy in the organ(s). There are many forms of cancer that can occur in the kidneys. One of the most frequently found ones is renal cell carcinoma. Urothelial cell carcinoma is also amongst the most common forms. When someone has cancer here, there may be some symptoms that show up. One possibility is a mass that can be felt in the abdomen. Hydronephrosis is another issue that may occur. Blood can also show up in the patient’s urine.


You may be aware of some information about this painful condition: kidney stones. This happens when crystals separate from the person’s urine, and develop into something hard and sizable. They can lead to a blocked flow of urine. As with renal cancer, blood may appear in the urine. There may also be a burning sensation when the person urinates. Nausea is one of the other potential symptoms. A number of medical reasons can contribute to the development of these stones. Crohn’s disease is one possibility. Hyperparathyroidism can also have an effect on their development. A variety of treatment methods exist for this medical reason for kidney pain, and based on certain factors one may be more appropriate than another for a particular case.

Urinary tract infection

Such an illness is also known as a UTI for short. This cause of kidney pain can occur when bacteria gets into the urinary tract. Once again, urine that contains blood may be released. Protein and pus can also be found in the urine in some instances. Night sweats might show up in a person with a UTI. There may be particularly significant levels of fatigue. Do keep in mind that some UTIs do not lead to noticeable symptoms. A urine culture is commonly used as a method to try to confirm a diagnosis of a urinary tract infection.

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