My Thoughts on Healthy Living

I would like to share my passion for a healthy happy life with whoever needs to hear it. A lot of these things may be already an aspect of your daily routine and to others these may be new and challenging incorporation to your thoughts and lifestyle.

Life is a constant change, and to be ready and willing to embrace that change is to grow and live. If we are not growing we are not living and hence deteriorate and regress in all ways.

Whether you have children or not they are a great reminder of a balanced state of being. Their happiness and curiosity is refreshing and inspirational. I see a lot of children and people lacking in any nutrition which contributes too many of the disease and condition plaguing us.

The body becomes over burdened with chemicals and over processed filler foods, that when you eat something living and raw the nutrients cannot even be absorbed, leading to malnutrition and obesity at the same time.

Many of the chemicals (MSG, modified ingredients, yeast extracts, natural flavours, etc.) lead to weight gain, cravings and over stimulation of the senses perpetuating the cycle. The processed chemical fillers make people feel that natural food tastes boring and bland, even unsatisfying.

Media promotes a commercial and fast paced lifestyle, leading to more short term feel good solutions that do not reinforce a calm peaceful existence. Microwave eating, and genetically modified food products are bound to have side effects mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a human being.

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