The Best Probiotics That Kill Candida

There are only a few probiotics that kill Candida on the market. The reason this is true is due to the fact that many of the probiotics have been controlled and owned by corporations giving them the sole right to say how and when those probiotics can and will be used.

A few of the probiotics that kill candida that you can get on the market are as follows. Culturelle is the first of the probiotics that you can acquire in the United States. They are distributed by CAG Functional Foods. Another on the market is Lp299v, however, this is not currently available in the United States. You will have to find a source from the internet in order to acquire Lp299v.

You can also acquire the natural probiotics that kill Candida by eating specific types of foods. Yogurt, the unsweetened Americanized version, has long been known for it’s probiotic attributes. A diet that includes 1 or 2 yogurt’s a day will help you get the probiotics that kill Candida into your body on a regular basis. These probiotics help your body in many other ways in terms of natural growth, restoring cells, and keeping your intestinal tract healthy.

Fish is another wonderful source. Especially things such as sushi and other raw fish. Cooking naturally removes many of the healthful aspects of any and all foods, including fish. They have known this in Asian countries for thousands of years. Increase your fish intake and you will also increase the amount of probiotics that kill Candida that you take into your body on a regular basis.

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