Tips on Using Tai Chi to Reduce Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Do you have anxiety or suffer from panic attacks? Have you wondered what Eastern medicine has to say about how to cure panic attacks?

Techniques found in China and India have long been known to cure panic attacks and treat anxiety. Yoga and tai chi have been found to be great techniques for relaxation and anxiety. Yoga and tai chi are very powerful in the way that they effect the mind and that effect can really help people who suffer panic attacks.

Yoga and tai chi both work in similar ways to relieve anxiety.

1. Reducing the Heart Rate

Both yoga and tai chi work on stress by lowering the heart rate and synchronizing breathing. By stressing that the person focus on their breathing, these disciplines lower the heart rate of a person. Monks in China and yogis in India are able to vastly slow down their heart rates. Now, you probably won’t be able to slow your heart that much, but with some practice you will be able to slow it down to a resting level. Slowing down the beating of your heart is the quickest and best way to immediately lower your anxiety. This is because the chemical adrenaline is one of the biggest things that triggers panic attacks and anxiety. When the heart is not pumping fast, it can’t pump adrenaline (the fight or flight hormone) through your body. Lowering the heart rate slows the activity of adrenaline.

2. Exercise

The second way that yoga and tai chi help cure panic attacks is by being a source of cardiovascular exercise. Working out can dramatically decrease stress levels. Doctors and psychologists have found that one of the strongest prescriptions for anxiety and depression is regular exercise. The way that it works is that exercise triggers endorphins – chemicals that make you fee good, while lowering negative ones. Plus, by having to focus on your body while working out you give your mind some space to learn to be quiet. You can then replicate that quiet at home to still racing thoughts.

3. The Negatives

So, should everyone with anxiety or panic attacks try tai chi or yoga? Well, no. These can be really great and powerful tools, but there are a few problems with them. The first problem is that these classes are almost always very expensive. The most affordable yoga resource I have found is Yoga For the People. It’s donation based and quite affordable at $5 per class suggested donation. However, yoga usually costs about $15 per class. That adds up fast! You can do it without classes, but for beginners I really recommend them, and the classes can easily add up to over $100 a month. Most of simply cannot afford to spend that much money each month.

Also, this will not be a complete fix. Yoga and tai chi aren’t meant to cure panic attacks, they just happen to help. To truly get relief you need a more comprehensive behavioral psychology program like the Linden Method. So, in short, I highly recommend that you try one of these Eastern techniques if you can, but don’t think that it will completely cure you.

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