Treating Anxiety With Winter Cherry

For those who suffer from anxiety, even the most simple tasks can invoke inner turmoil and grief. Severe anxiety can often be an incredibly debilitating condition and may drastically impair one’s overall well-being. Fortunately, one step that can be taken in order to help combat anxiety is the consumption of the plant Winter Cherry. Also known as Ashwagandha, Indian ginseng, Ajagandha, Kanaje Hindi, Amukkara in Tamil, and Samm Al Ferakh, Winter Cherry is a natural treatment that was originally used in India centuries ago and became a staple of Ayurvedic medicine in order to treat anxiety. Winter Cherry is a completely natural compound that is derived from the Withania somnifera plant, which grows only in very dry regions such as India. In order to prepare Withania somnifera, the plant must be grown at a very specific time of the year during times in which rain fall is not too high. Once the Withania somnifera plant has been grown, the flowers are discarded from the plant and the tuberous roots are extracted in order to obtain the portion that is used for medicinal purposes.

In general, most people who choose to supplement with Winter Cherry in order to combat anxiety do so in capsule form. Not only can this supplement be found in capsule form, however, but it is also possible to purchase Winter Cherry tea as well, which is likely equally as effective as the capsules. In most cases, consuming anywhere from 50 mg to 250 mg per day is typically the recommended dosage. Although side effects are incredibly rare, some people have reported experiencing an upset stomach after its consumption. Because the plant is not dangerous in any way, the product is allowed to be sold by the FDA. In order to maximize safety, however, it is recommended that those who are pregnant or who are taking prescription monoamine oxidase inhibitors avoid the consumption of Withania somnifera. Those who wish to take advantage of the effects of this plant can likely find it at a local supplement store.

While some people may doubt whether or not Winter Cherry can truly be effective at combating anxiety, the truth is that there is ample research to support its use. According to a study in the journal “Neurochemical Research”, Withania somnifera has extremely neuroprotective effects and can be highly beneficial for those who suffer from stress or anxiety related disorders. Clearly, the efficacy of this plant is not simply a myth but has actually been demonstrated in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Although anxiety can be an incredibly debilitating condition, clearly steps can be taken in order to mitigate its effects. Simply by consuming Winter Cherry supplements, or even drinking Winter Cherry Tea, victims of anxiety can greatly reduce its symptoms. For those who are forced to endure such a devastating ailment, deciding to consume Winter Cherry daily may be the best decision you’ve ever made.’

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