Where to Get a Flu Shot?

While you may have heard horror stories in the past of shortages and people not being able to get them, those problems seem to be a thing of the past.

Of course, there were promises in 2009 that there wouldn’t be shortages either but the birth of the swine flu changed that. Rather than continuously making a vaccination for the seasonal flu, manufacturers had to scramble and focus their attention on the H1N1 influenza vaccinations. Things are different for 2010 and every effort is being made to ensure that anyone who wants to be immunized can be and with over 155 million available doses, that shouldn’t be a problem. As a bonus, there is one vaccine that you can get to protect you from both the seasonal and swine flu so separate shots are not necessary.

So, Where do You Go?

There are so many places offering the flu shot this year that no matter what your hectic schedule is like, you won’t have a problem getting one. The first place to go if you have a child is your pediatrician because some locations will not administer a vaccination to a child under four years old. If your pediatrician is on a temporary shortage, you may want to call ahead to other locations and make sure they will be able to take care of you. Keep in mind that children under nine years old who have never been vaccinated will require a second shot, three weeks later so don’t wait too long into the flu season or they won’t be fully protected.

Other popular places to go are schools, churches, community centers, health departments, shopping malls and retailers such as Kroger, CVS or Walgreens. For a full list in your area, you should call your local health department or city offices.

Are Free Shots Effective?

Most people are programmed to believe that if something is free, it is probably not worthwhile but that is simply not the case with the flu shot. Whether you pay for your shot at a drugstore or you receive it free from the community center, they are exactly the same.

Can’t Find a Shot?

If a few places in your area are out of the vaccination, don’t panic. Shortages will happen temporarily while locations run out and wait to be restocked. For this reason, you should start thinking now about where to get a flu shot now and don’t pass up the opportunity to receive one right away or you may be stuck waiting for them.

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