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Lemon grass is a natural plant grown in the Asian continent. It is found in India and Nepal. Hence, lemon grass is widely used in the cuisines of the Asian countries. It lends a lemony flavor and fragrance, not to forget the ginger tint. This marvelous plant has medicinal and curative properties. Citronella is another term used to describe lemongrass and is used in the candle making industry, perfume industry and the soap industry. Since it has a tangy fragrance, it is used to drive insects and repellents like mosquitoes and flies. The relaxing and restful fragrance helps to relieve depression and mood swings; hence it is also referred to as Sweet Rush. In the Caribbean, lemon grass is known as Fever grass as it is known to cure fevers and colds, thanks to its therapeutic properties.

It is used widely in Asian cooking. Foodies love to have this plant in their garden. Other than adding aroma and flavor, it is also very effective in treating a variety of illnesses. It has antiseptic and sterile properties. Lemongrass when mixed in the right proportion with pepper serves to reduce menstrual cramps and vomiting. When mixed in tea concoction, it is a diuretic and cures abdominal pain. Dogs who bark excessively are sprayed with Citronella.

It acts a cleanser and has a detoxifying effect on the kidney, bladder, digestive tract, liver and pancreas. It helps in cutting the excess fats, poisonous substances, cholesterol and so on. It aids in better digestion and enough blood circulation. It rejuvenates the body, aids in controlling pimples and acne, is an ideal tissue and muscle toner. It enters the pores of the facial skin and helps to kill the toxic substances and cleanses the face. It helps in controlling blood pressure levels. A concoction of lemon grass leaves when cooled and taken in a liquid form keeps the body and refreshed. Lemon grass helps to raise the immunity levels in an individual.

Overweight people should consume this juice as it helps to cuts down the fat naturally. The lemon grass leaves lends a distinctive taste when mixed in the dishes wherein lots of spices and hot chillies are added.

Due to its medicinal and health giving effects, it successfully prevents colon related problems, cures high fevers, prevents colic attacks, constipation problems and so on.

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