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Cosmetic Surgery Law Named After Kanye West’s Mother

Cosmetic surgery laws seek to protect people who undergo this kind of medical procedure. The Donda West cosmetic surgery law is named after rapper Kanye West’s mother. Kanye West’s mother passed away in November, 2007, after suffering heart failure on the day following her operation at Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center.

The bill for the law to protect persons undergoing cosmetic surgery was originally signed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There is a long process before a bill becomes law. Any member of the House can introduce a piece of legislation. After that, the legislation is handed to the speaker of the House, and then referred to the appropriate committee. The bill will be debated, and sent to the President for review, before becoming a law.

This cosmetic surgery law requires that all persons contemplating this kind of operation do a physical examination 30 days before they go under the knife.

The Donda West law gives greater protection to people who go under the surgeon’s knife and has been a law since October 12, 2009.

Cosmetic surgery involves surgery that improves a person’s appearance and is usually performed to help boost a person’s self esteem. Plastic surgery can be rehabilitative in nature, with some persons opting to remove scars that remind them of a traumatic experience, or remove gang-related tattoos.

Such operations are sometimes financed by charitable organizations. A health history and pre-surgery check up are standard procedure in regular surgery cases.

Currently, people can do not always do checks because plastic surgery is seen as having a lower risk than operations that have to be done to cure an illness. Serious complications from plastic surgery are rare, with 1 in every 58,810 people dying from complications after surgery.

Donda West chaired the English Department at Chicago State University. She was always very supportive of her son and also served as the CEO of West Brands LLC and chairperson of the Kanye West Foundation, which worked to improve literacy and decrease dropout rates.

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