Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Tweaks for a New Lease on Life

What is it called when a women doesn’t necessarily want the typical mommy makeover, extreme makeover or body lift; she just wants a new lease on life after the end of a long term relationship, maybe her kids are all grown up, maybe she doesn’t have any kids yet and is ready to take her dating life more seriously. She recently lost 50 pounds and wants to tweak her body from head to toe, to look as good as she feels. She believes that she needs a little cosmetic surgery to help her out with that. She wants a new lease on every aspect of her life.

After performing extensive research to find the best specialists in her town she commits to a year of changes, so each doctor has a chance to perform his or her best work and it can all heal properly to show its best on her body. She sits down for all of the consultations and describes her ideal shape before the doctors examine her and explain how they can make her dream real. They describe the procedures one step at a time, which always start with her homework of lifestyle improvements (improved diet, no smoking, list prescriptions) that only increase her chances of an elevated outcome.

She returns for each of her few surgery days because many cosmetic surgery specialists have more than one specialty these days. From her head to her toes this is what she did: she had a mini-face lift to restore youthful lift to her face because the early stages of jowls were beginning to show. At the same doctors office she had a little facial liposuction performed on her neck and a chemical peel from her hairline to her decotege. She also had cosmetic tattooing to permanently fill her eyebrows and create eyeliner for her. At the next doctor she had a breast lift and reconstructive surgery performed on her sagging areolas. This was followed by liposuction from her abdomen and hips, which allowed her fat to be injected in the soles of her feet because years in heels have made it an increasingly painful process.

But she didn’t forget about how the weight loss has affected the droop of her buttocks. So she had buttocks augmentation to improve the lift and roundness of her posterior and the way she filler her clothes. Now she waits for all of the surgery to heal so she can go out on the town and show the men of her city that she is ready for more than a date now.

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