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Did You Choose The Right Surgeon For Your Breast Augmentation?

You've booked your appointment for your breast augmentation surgery and you are very excited about it. If this is your first time, it is natural for you to have some fears and doubts. One of the things you may doubt is whether or not you chose the right plastic surgeon.

Here are a few factors you should have considered, and if your surgeon passes all of them, then you have no reason to doubt anymore.

1. Your Plastic Surgeon Has to Be Board Certified

Not all plastic surgeons are the same. The safest ones are those who have been certified by a regulatory board in plastic surgery. They are not only qualified for the job, but they have had extensive training before being allowed to practice in the field. Surgeons who have been certified also have the lowest amounts of cases with complications. To check whether the surgeon you have chosen is certified, you can simply log into the regulatory board's website and type in his / her name. If the medical professional is qualified, his / her name will appear along with all credentials and reviews.

2. Do a Background Check on the Surgeon's Record

Some surgeons will tell you that they have performed numerous surgeries with no complications whatsoever. Others will also tell you how they have a stellar record of being able to give their patients the best results. Check the surgeon's record to confirm whether there were any complaints filed against him / her. If there were, how were the cases handled? Again, this is information that can be derived from the board of surgeons the medical professional is registered with.

3. Find Out Whether Your Surgeon Offers Hospital Privileges

It is already a red flag if your surgeon does not have one. What will happen should a complication occur and you need to be taken to a hospital immediately? A surgeon who has hospital privileges has somewhere to take his / her patients should surgery go wrong. Also, a hospital will be able to apply checks and balances on the surgeon's practice. If a surgeon has hospital privileges then it means that a hospital can back up his / her practices and confirm that they are legit.

4. Be Prepared With a List of Questions You Should Ask Your Surgeon

Here are some of the questions you should ask before booking an appointment:

– How many times has the surgeon performed that type of cosmetic surgery?

– What is his / her success rate?

– Is he / she certified by a regulatory board of plastic surgeons?

– Is he / she qualified and certified to practice?

– Who else will be involved in the surgery and what kind of qualifications do they have?

– Ask for before-and-after photos of surgeries performed on other patients.

– Ask for references of patients the surgeon has worked on before and contact them for reviews.

– How much will the procedure cost?

– "If there are complications, will the surgeon foot the bill or will I be required to pay for it myself?"

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