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What’s The Purpose Of Breast Augmentation And Which Types Of Implants Are Available?

If you wish to enhance the size of your breast, breast augmentation (also called augmentation mammoplasty) would be the best option to take. Based on the description provided by the Australasian Foundation for Plastic Surgery, such an operation involves insertion of implants into your breasts.

Is Breast Enhancement Only Meant to Enhance Your Beauty?

However, you shouldn’t assume that breast enhancement is only meant to enhance beauty, since the operation is also quite useful in reconstructive surgical procedures. This is particularly so in situations where mastectomy has been carried out.

Considering that such cosmetic surgery would affect your body tissues, you must only seek the services of a highly qualified medical practitioner. If you don’t, you would be putting yourself at an unnecessarily high risk of complications.

Which Type of Breast Implants are Used Today?

Apart from seeking the most competent surgeon, you must also seek out the best type of implant for your breasts. This is especially so because the type of implants used in breast enhancement have been constantly evolving, following rapid advancements in medical technological competence.

Indeed, the very first types of implants, used in the early 1800s, included such materials as ox cartilage, silastic rubber, and polyethelene chips. You definitely wouldn’t want to have such materials lodged into your breasts, due to their rudimentary nature.

Modern implants are highly sophisticated and they include:

1. Silicone implants: In a bid to develop implants that not only look like breasts but also feel like breast tissue, silicone implants were developed. The gel inside such implants is what gives them the feel of natural breast tissue.

Moreover, such devices have been designed with safety in mind, such that the gel would still remain inside a shell, even if the implant breaks. However, this aspect doesn’t negate the necessity of regular follow-up visits to the surgeon, just to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

2. Saline implants: This variety offers an alternative to the silicone type. Such implants have two key aspects that make them stand out from silicone types.

Firstly, instead of having a gel-filled interior, sterile salty water is used. The second aspect concerns the behaviour of such an implant in case of any breakage. In the case of silicone types, the gel would remain encased in a shell, but the water in saline implants would be easily absorbed into the body and be expelled through the natural bodily processes. This is possible because the sterile salty water isn’t harmful to your body.

3. Textured-type Implants: The unique aspect of textured-type implants is that they are designed to stick to the existing breast tissue, hence becoming immobile. This is made possible because of the scar tissue that forms naturally around the implant. Such an aspect helps in reducing any formation of tight scars, which would otherwise form in other types of implants.

4. Smooth implants: If you would like a mobile implant rather than the immobile, textured variety, the smooth type would be your preferred choice. This variety gives your artificial breasts a natural movement, making the implant less obvious.

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