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INTEGRA Bilayer Wound Matrix: One of the Best Wound Care Devices on the Market

Integra Bilayer Wound Matrix is a state of the art wound care device. Bilayer means being comprised of two layers. Its physical properties have made it one of the best wound dressings that are available in the market.

It is made up of a matrix of cross-linked bovine tendon collagen that is porous in nature, glycosaminoglycan and a polysiloxane layer. This is essentially a silicone layer which allows some substances to pass through but prevents others from doing so. It is a matrix that provides a raised platform for cellular invasion and development of the capillaries. It also acts as a barrier to the entry of bacteria into the wound site.

The special characteristic of the bilayer silicon membrane is that is regulating the amount of water vapor that is lost from the wound. It also provides a flexible adherent covering to the surface of the wound and toughens up the device against wear and tear. The collagen glycosaminoglycan can break down naturally without any special scientific treatment, and can therefore decay without causing any harm as the cells of the patient reconstruct the injured site. This can take about 14 to 21 days.

The wound is healed completely when the epidermal cells shift away from the edges of the wound. This can take up to 30 days, but it results in healing that has occurred wholly from the patients’ own body tissue. For larger wounds, a piece of healthy skin of the patient’s epidermis can be attached to the wound area to assist the wound dressing in closing the wound. This is known as skin grafting.

There are numerous benefits of the Integra bilayer matrix wound dressings. Some of them include the provision of instant covering of the wound, and an elevated comfort level experience when using it on a variety of sites on the structure of the body. It has proved to work very well in deep donor sites as well, and exhibits extraordinary vigor and suppleness. In addition to such advantages, it provides excellent coverage over bone, tendon, cartilage and joints that are uncovered or open to the elements.

There was a study done in which in 166 instances, Integra fruitfully closed about ninety percent of the exposed internal structures that are in general closed with flaps. In another quite different study, 107 patients were chosen that had 158 acknowledged individual users. Integra was successful in healing up to ninety two percent of these patients in most cases with Integra alone. Only in rare cases were small subsidiary flaps used alongside the bilayer wound matrix. Such high statistical figures prove that Integra is a much better wound dressing in comparison to others. Some people also call this process skin replacement therapy.

Integra Bilayer Wound Matrix is used for handling wounds with partial and full thickness, ulcers caused by diabetes and pressure, long term ulcers and ulcers found in the channels and veins of the body. It is also used for surgical wounds and trauma wounds that include areas of skin that have been scraped, deep cuts and tears in the skin, and burns of the second degree. The wound dressing, however, is not supposed to be used repeatedly.

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