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Dental Health and Your Personality

There is a book by the title “Mouth is the Mirror of Your Body” and indeed it is true. The main source of conveying your message to the other person is mouth. If not kept in a healthy condition, then it would surely speak about your lifestyle openly. So if you want to showcase yourself as an impressive personality, the first thing to do is to take care of your oral health.

Types of Dental Problems

Before we reach the final point of pain, we always have certain symptoms. These symptoms may vary from person to person, depending upon his lifestyle. Some of the commonly spotted dental problems are mentioned here:

1. Gum Bleeding – the gums get swollen and sensitive such that they start bleeding on even with very little pressure. It mainly happens because of vitamin K deficiency.

2. Plaque and Excessive Tartar – the slimy fluid which covers the teeth is called the plaque. Later on when it get deposited on the tooth enamel making them appear yellowish brown, it is called the tartar. That is the harder layer of the plaque. These are the root causes of most of the dental disorders.

3. Cavity – it is the damage which happens to teeth because of consumption of excessive carbohydrates. They are holes or vacuum in the teeth happening because of dissolving of enamel by the plaque.

4. Foul Breath – (medically called halitosis) bad breath, which might be due to unclean or plaque tongue, or because of excessive plaque on teeth. It can be because of bacterial infections and postnasal drip that excessive mucus running from nose to the throat.

5. Tooth Sensitivity – sensation on teeth whenever something hot, cold or sweet is eaten. It happens because our gums pull back and the food and drinks consumed reach the tooth nerve causing a strong painful sensation.

6. Pyorrhoea – strong stench in mouth because of bleeding in gums all the time. It happens when plaque and tartar get built up at the gum line. When there is excess of bacterial plaque deposited at the gum line, it cause the gums to be sensitive and secrete pus.

These problems might seem very common and unimportant, but they actually need proper dental medical assistance. The dentist would grab hold of your problems and treat them as per his knowledge gained in his studies and years of practice.

What Does Your Dental Problem Speak About Your Personality?

There are so many factors which can easily determine your personality just on the basis of your dental report.

· Yellow teeth with plaque and tartar mean that you are a very unorganised and lazy kind of person. You do not value time much, and want to run away from responsibilities.

· Gum bleeding means that you keep your emotions to yourself and are not so much emotionally expressive.

· Pyorrhoea means that you have a very cynical viewpoint of life. You do not wish to hold any other person right, but only yourself. It also means that your libido is not getting a proper way to vent itself which causes too much of episodic restlessness

· Cavity represents that you take life in a very casual way. You lack sincerity to give a shape and execute your plans. Also, you are not utilising your creativity to the level of productivity.

· Foul breath signifies that the person has a very negative attitude towards life. They cannot think of positive situations and are fearful.

· People with tooth sensitivity have anger issues and are gossip mongers. They also have anxiety issues.

The adage that mouth is the mirror of this body stands absolutely true. So it is important to take care of our emotions and our physical health simultaneously. We do not pay much of attention to our thoughts. And that causes most of the problems to our physical health. Of-course, the first course of action should be to visit the best dentist, who has years of practice and is well versed with his work, keeps all the latest equipment and provides the right course of treatment.

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