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That Horrid Drill – Tips to Make Any Dental Appointment More Bearable

We all have our childhood fears growing up. Some of us are afraid things that are very much part of our normal everyday lives such as spiders, heights, snakes and other things. And some of us are still very much afraid of these things. One of these fears that one time children who are now adults never seem to grow out of would be fears of going to the dentist, whether it be a simple cleaning or a wisdom tooth operation, dentist trips are known to be either very disgusting or very painful.

But the trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be all tears and gloom! In spite of the seeming impossibility there are a lot of ways for you to make that next dentist trip if not almost pleasurable, then at least mildly bearable. Here are a few ways for you to survive the next one without bursting out into tears like a sissy:

*Sing songs in your head: You could choose to imagine being judged by 3 American Idol judges if you want, but playing a happy song in your head works well to distract you from the pain. ‘What a Wonderful World’ is a definite favorite but you Britney Spears and Cher are a close second and third. After about 3 repeats, you’ll find out that you’re done!

*Engage in small talk: Although it really does nothing to assuage the physical pain, talking to your dentist can make you feel more comfortable as establishing rapport with your dentist gives you a lot of peace of mind during the operation itself. Sometimes knowing that you’re in good hands is all you need to make a seemingly impossible setting seem bearable.

*Get a hot dentist: You should never underestimate the power of beauty in making life feel much more bearable. So if you get an exceedingly handsome or pretty dentist, you may even find yourself flashing a smile during your root canal operation. At least you’d be able to keep all the pain in since you wouldn’t want to appear like a wuss in the midst of such hotness!

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