Depression After a Breakup – How to Move Past the Memories

It's now common knowledge that depression is on the rise in our societies, even children are now prone to it. We are beginning to also understand that there are many causes of depression affecting us as a society today and when someone has a predisposition to depression it can take very little to trigger that dormant energy which can then begin to spiral things down in the most unexpected way . For others it takes a lot to get them to a place where they are feeling so low and hopeless. A relationship breakup is one of the causes that can make someone who was otherwise functioning well in society to lose who they are and start spiralling into the darkness of depression.

This is why I believe that you need to educate yourself about who you are, what energies you are carrying and what they will predispose you to. Most think that this is irrelevant information and that you will wait until you get there in order to face the issue. There is an old adage that says prevention is better than cure.

A relationship breakup can act as a catalyst that triggers what was already lying dormant within you and causes it to show up at that moment. Our tendencies are to believe that the cause of it is the relationship breakup, but in reality the trigger is not the cause, there usually is something else that is lying deep within ourselves. At times we are conscious of it but often we are unconscious to it and may have been carrying it around without noticing the effect it has on our behaviors.

Most often we mistake the cause as being someone else, so we point fingers and blame others, which then diminishes the way we use our creative power as we focus on the outside. We try to correct the relationship breakup depression from outside of ourselves, instead of focusing on the source. As I said earlier that you need more than words to help you rise above the depression after breakup, but once you accept and awaken to what you need then your journey becomes easy and all universe will come to your aide so that you can have the correct resources that will help you arise in your power and overcome the depression after breakup so that you can move on with your life creating in joy and love.

It's not easy to deal with relationship breakup depression when you are in it, the best way is to seek help so that you can have someone working with you as you process through it. It's wise to seek professional help, therapists, counselors, energy healers and coaches each of these have their special role that they play in the healing of our emotions, but you have to find the way that will work for you and will help you get over the depression after breakup quickly.

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