Depression: Can Living In An Oppressive Environment Cause Someone To Be Depressed?

While there are some people who have lived in the same environment for their whole life, there are others who have moved around. When one has moved around, they might not have stayed in the same place for very long.

This could be a sign that one has a job that requires them to move around, or it could just come down to the fact that they don’t like to stay in the same place. Thus, if they had to stay in the same place for their whole life, it could cause them to suffer.


However, when one has lived in the same place, this could mean that one doesn’t have a job where they need to move around. At the same time, one might simply prefer to stay in the same place and not feel the need to move.

Therefore, if one was in a position where they had to move around, it could end up causing them to suffer. Based on this, they are both experiencing life in a way that matches up with their needs.

Another Reason

There is also the chance that one has moved around a lot because they have caused a lot of problems. And through moving somewhere else, it allows them to run away from the damage that they create.

And when one has always lived in the same place, it could just be because they are comfortable. It is then not that they are necessarily happy with where they live; it is just somewhere they are used to.

The Right One

Yet regardless of why one has moved around, it could be said that they will have a greater understanding when it comes to what their ideal environment is. Whereas if one has always lived in the same place; they are not going to know whether they are in the right place or not.

This comes down to the fact that human beings only know how good something is when they have something to compare it with. Still, even if one has always lived in the same environment, it doesn’t mean that they have never been away.

Another Way

If one has been away, it would have given them the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in another environment. This may have allowed them to see whether or not their current environment was a good fit.

When they were away, they may have been absorbed in what was taking place, and then when they got back, their whole outlook may have changed. On one side, this may have meant that they knew they were living in the right place, and on the other hand, it may have meant that they came to see that their environment wasn’t very fulfilling.

The Catalyst

As a result of this, going away allowed them to realise that they needed to move, and this means that the holiday not only gave them a boost; it also allowed them to see clearly. If they hadn’t taken the time to go away, they might still be living in the same place.

But even though one may have come back and moved shortly after, this might not have taken place. Instead, one may have just stayed where they were and lost touch with how they felt after they returned.

Stepping Back

If one was able to take a step back, they may find that they have always felt as though they were in the wrong environment. So even though they have adapted to where they live; deep down they know it is not right for them.

On the other hand, they may find that they haven’t always felt his way, and that at one point in time, something changed. They then went from living in an environment that was fulfilling (or at least wasn’t completely negative), to living somewhere that has a negative effect on their wellbeing.


If their environment has changed fairly recently, it might be easier for them to notice what has taken place; the reason for this is what they will know how they felt before. But when their environment has always been the same, their past experiences are not going to be any different.

Nevertheless, this could be somewhere where they feel drained or depressed, and this is going to make their life harder than it needs to be. And if they were unaware of the impact their environment is having on them, they could easily come to the conclusion that it is because of what is taking place within them, for instance.


One could find that the majority of people in this environment are controlling and that it is not possible for them to express themselves. This is not to say that the control takes place directly, as it could take place indirectly.

Perhaps the people around them are out of touch with how they feel and don’t have the ability to experience empathy. It then won’t matter if one did express themselves, as they won’t be acknowledged.

Playing a Role

The external pressure then causes one to hold themselves back, and through being in this kind of environment for so long, they may have internalised the control. So even if these people are not around, one may end up controlling themselves.

Another way of looking at this would be to say that one is putting on an act, and while this allows them to fit in; it is stopping them from being able to express their true-self. And as they are denying their true nature, it is it be expected that they will feel suffer.


If one can relate to this, it will be important for them to change their environment. For as long as they stay where they are, they won’t feel any better; in fact, they could end up feeling even worse.

The assistance of a therapist and/or a support group may be needed here. This can be a time where one can look into why they are experiencing life in this way.

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