Are Detox Diets a Fad?

Are detox diets a fad? The main ideas behind detoxification are based on halting the digestive process to aid the elimination of toxins. So if detoxing interests you, choosing a fasting program will be the next step. Of course this means you will be leaving your comfort zone for parts unknown. Even a brief fast will mean new experiences, new feelings and new thoughts.

As your body cleanses itself or toxins you will naturally experience some uncomfortable side effects. On the other hand, part of the motivation for fasting on a regular basis is, for many people, the natural “high” that sometimes comes with fasting.

Okay, let’s leave the psychological effects for a while and look at the medical benefits of detoxing. Well, most doctors say there are none. The general position of mainstream medicine is that if you use your common sense a detox fast won’t do you any harm but there are no discernible health benefits, either. Of course, if your detox plan involves eating fruit and vegetables, that’s a good thing but the idea of detoxing is not necessary for out health.

Our bodies have organs whose job it is to take care of eliminating poisons of all kinds and your doctor will tell you that the idea that the skin, liver, kidneys and colon need help with purging your body of poisons is entirely false. The idea makes sense but research has shown detoxification plans to be entirely unnecessary.

The thing is though, the idea of detoxing is quite an appealing one. You devote three days, a week, or even longer to giving your digestive system a rest. You take time out from your job, business or family to devote yourself to the process of elimination. You do some reading, some resting, some exercise, you listen to your body’s needs. How can that not be beneficial?

There are lots of detox diets. Many of these are based on substituting fruit juice for solid food. This is supposed to maximize the chances of totally ridding your body of toxins. You can do a juice fast in three days, so your life won’t be disturbed too much and the side effects of fasting will be minimized. If you plan on fasting for more than three days, see your doctor first.

Whether you wholeheartedly believe in the principles behind detoxification or not, a detox diet will probably leave feeling refreshed. Most people who try detoxing report high energy levels, substantial weight loss and a renewed sense of self esteem. Not bad for fad.

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