Are Detox Diets Really Effective?

In the past few years, a number of diet plans have sprung up promising ‘quick weight loss’. One would think that with so many diet plans out there, there is no excuse for not losing weight. Unfortunately however, most of these diets are fad diets. They promise you rapid weight loss and make you lose weight too fast by unnatural and unhealthy means. However, as soon as you quit dieting and start eating normally, you gain back all that weight as rapidly as you ‘lost’ it!

One such fad diet is the detox diet. Like other fad diets, the detox diet also promotes itself with many empty promises. A detox diet claims to cleanse all the toxins and wastes from your body which have accumulated there thanks to your unhealthy eating habits over the years. There is no doubt that once you cleanse your body, you will lose at least five to ten pounds, but that won’t be FAT loss. Still I would have recommended it to you if not for the unhealthy weight loss methods it follows.

A detox diet often recommends fasting in some or other forms. There are several types of detox diets out there. Some would recommend you total fasting while with others you are required to survive only on fruit juices, cabbage soups, maple syrup or even lemon juice! There are also detox diets which recommend you to survive only on one specific vegetable or fruit.

You may call it detox dieting, or body cleansing, or fasting, but the fact remains that starving in any shape or form is dangerous for your health. Fasting for a short period of time maybe good for cleansing your body but prolonged fasting can have damaging effects on your body, such as dehydration, nausea, fatigue, low blood sugar level, etc!

The detox diet is a fad diet by all the angles: it makes empty promises, forces you to survive on a particular type of fruit or juice, makes you lose a few pounds quickly, and then the pounds roll back pretty quickly! In short, these diets are not only unhealthy but ineffective as well! As a matter of fact, if your kidneys, lymph system and liver are healthy and stable and if your hormone levels are normal, then you really don’t need to follow any detox diet in order to detoxify your body. Your body will automatically detoxify itself of all the toxins and wastes! As such, detox diets are totally useless.

The question then remains: how is it possible to lose weight easily and quickly! Well, I can tell you about a weight loss method which is simple and easy but NOT quick. Exercising regularly and eating a healthy, balanced meal, and drinking water or better still a natural green tea, will help you lose weight for sure, but requires patience on your part. If you are serious about weight loss, you only need to follow this natural weight loss method! Stop wasting your money and time on fad diets and worthless exercise machines; they are just designed to rob you of your hard-earned money!

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