Colon Cleanse – What Are the Side Effects of Colon Cleanse?

Quick weight loss and how colon cleansing plays an important role in this process is a hot topic of discussion among those who are desperate to lose some pounds as quickly as they can. It goes without saying that detoxification of any organ is good for our health. The same is true for colon detoxification as well. However if you are trying to cleanse your colon for the first time; you must not be alarmed by some common side effects that are mentioned below

o Nausea: When you try colon detoxification for the first time; feeling nauseating is quite common.

o Dehydration: As we know that when thick layer of plaque and mucus placoid is flushed out, it also flushes out some extra water and essential nutrients from our body. It results in dehydration in some people. It can easily be avoided by taking enough nutritious diet and plenty of water.

o Cramps: when thick layer of mucus and plaque is flushed out; it causes intestinal cramps for a day or two. It is quite normal. However if the cramps persist; you must seek expert medical advice or stop taking the cleanser.

o Weakness and Fatigue: chemical based cleanser or any other OTC detoxifying supplement often cleanses everything that comes its way. With continued bowel movements, many essential nutrients are also flushed out. It causes fatigue. While taking OTC cleansers, you must take a few days off to maintain you energy level.

o Urine discoloration: if you take senna for cleansing; your urine will be discolored for a few days. Taking senna for cleansing your digestive tract is not recommended because it may also impair your colon's natural ability to flush out waste from your body.

It is not that every time you go for detoxification; you will suffer from these side effects. Natural colon cleansers are much better when it comes to detoxifying your digestive tract without causing any of the side effects. They work somewhat slowly but are very beneficial for throwing the toxins out of your body in smooth and painless manner.

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