Detox Your Body – Save Yourself From Colon Cancer

Cleansing the colon was first thought during the heyday of the Egyptians and later adapted by the Greeks. They believe that our colon cannot naturally dispose the toxins left out by normal digestion. As it lodged longer on the colon, it rots and gets reabsorbed into the blood stream causing different diseases. To them, in order to detox your body one must get rid of the harmful bacteria to inhibit it from forming into pus and thus prolong lifespan.

In the 19th century, contemporary medicine also supported the belief that body cleansing greatly helps in the promotion of health. To detox your body, modern practitioners of medicine have introduced radical ways of getting rid of the harmful bacteria believed to have formed in the colon through the procedure called enema. This is a process in which fluid and sometimes combined with herbs is introduced into the colon through the rectal route to induce defecation.

It would later be proven that enema poses more harm than good when done on a regular basis. Dehydration caused by too much fluid loss after enema is a very probable side effect while heart attacks cannot be discounted as a harmful effect since it will lead to electrolyte imbalance. Infection will most likely occur if the equipment used during the procedure is not properly sterilized.

For several years, body cleansing has lost its appeal after being proven that the body has the natural capacity to take away waste products and will not in any way be reabsorbed into the circulatory system. But as time goes by, when everyone thought that it is safe not to detox your body, colon cancer lurked silently in the horizon and like a thief in the night became the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Due to this undeniable fact, body cleansing has found its new popularity.

The new found fame of body cleansing however now comes in the form of natural detox your body regimen. Instead of the highly invasive enema, oral ingestion of supplements and dramatic change in eating habits are being espoused in order to aid the natural cleansing mechanism of our body. High fiber diet such as fruits and vegetables should be eaten regularly in high quantities since these aids in regular bowel movement and are easily digested.

As some evidence will prove, mucus plaque is being retained and it accumulates in the colon over the years. A shocking autopsy result shows a colon weighing ten times more than it should (4lbs normal), experts agree this may have been brought about by bad eating habits and a stressful lifestyle. It cannot be discounted that an intestine impacted by a plaque of this magnitude can perform the optimum function that it is intended to do. These and some other factors have convinced quite a few to believe that body cleansing is needed after all.

Colon cleansing tablets are natural supplements filled with herbs that are proven to combat the growing worms and bacteria on your intestine. It also contains digestive enzymes necessary to breakdown food intake into smaller particles and be converted to energy. To detox your body, the supplements are also packed with probiotics which are friendly bacteria that play a part in the balance and health of the colon.

One simple way to detox your body is to drink plenty of water. Eight glasses a day is recommended but adding another 2-4 glasses of fluids a day would be even better. A regular intake of fresh fruit juice in between meals would work wonder in the digestion of your meals especially when your diet is made up of processed foods that have been refined like white rice and white sugar. Even pasteurized foods like cheese and other dairy products are not the kinds of food that our intestine is normally design to digest.

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