How to Protect Our Bodies From Endocrine Or Hormonal Disruption

Most of us tend to ignore the reports in the news every other day about how chemicals, pesticides, electro-magnetic fields and radiation can mess up our systems. Many of these have become part of our lifestyles – like the morning after pill, birth control pills in general, house dust that might have lead in it, in-organic vegetables and fruits and worse – lack of exposure to sunlight.

It would take forever to list or even link to lists of how endocrine disruptors can cause everything from cancer to infertility and mental illnesses, and the list is enough to depress anyone. So I won’t go there.

Why I’m writing this post is, to remind everyone that we don’t have to give in and believe we have no option but to allow ourselves to become prey to these endocrine disruptors. Life on earth has always been dangerous in some ways and we can always learn to survive and thrive if we follow our natural instincts – which are there for this very reason.

How to protect our bodies from endocrine or hormonal disruption:

1) Sleep in the night. Work in the day.

When we do this, we allow our endocrine system access to the source of its balance, sunlight. If we are sleeping during the day, or are not getting enough exposure to sunlight (it need not be hard direct sunlight) our cells aren’t able to absorb the Vitamin D that a very important endocrine gland in the Brain – the Pineal gland – needs to do its work. When the Pineal isn’t healthy, the nervous system is disrupted causing mental and psychological problems, sleep disorders and these go on to cause serious hormonal imbalances which lead to faster aging, skin and bone problems, and reproductive system imbalances.

2) Watch where you get your food from.

Unfortunately we cannot ‘just trust the super-market’. Do your best to get locally grown vegetables, fruits, fish and so on. If its grown locally, chances are it’s not part of a big industry player – and big industrial suppliers are notorious for using pesticides and the like indiscriminately, especially if they’re getting the raw material or processing done from countries where legislation against environment pollution is still weak.

3) Buy small quantities.

This is because you can dump the whole lot if you find it contaminated, and not have wasted so much money. This is also because the older your fruit or vegetables are, the more impact the pesticides or chemicals can make on the body. If you buy small quantities and eat them in the next few hours, the effect on your body is a lot lesser.

4) If it doesn’t taste the way its supposed to taste, dump it.

Trust your instinct and your taste. If your apple doesn’t taste like an apple don’t tell yourself something is wrong with you, something is wrong with the apple. A big giveaway as far contaminated fish goes, is if the fish tastes like something else, or tastes a little fermented. If you get a headache or feel physically turned-off looking at or touching or tasting something, don’t eat it.

5) Keep your digestive system healthy.

If you are processing food through quickly, it means a lessened impact of any endocrine disruptor in your body. To rehabilitate your digestive system and keep it healthy means you stop eating things made of refined white flour and anything that you know you cannot digest easily.

6) Keep your blood clean.

Blood carries around the body the chemicals we both inhale and eat. When we have a robust blood cleansing mechanism going, we can easily protect ourselves from anything that doesn’t fit in with our body’s health and well-being. We can keep our blood clean by having foods and drinks that are easily digested, breathing in fresh air deep and long, and drinking lots of pure water (nothing mixed in it). And stay away from too much sugar and salt.

7) Be emotionally aware.

I mention this point here because in my experience most of us tend to eat or drink things we know we shouldn’t because of emotional extremes where we are carried away by the moment and consume anything and everything available just to feel normal again.

Being unable to manage or face our emotions causes the most endocrine disruption in our lives because it makes us unable to sleep on time, for starters, unable to stick to diet plans or resist foods, drugs and energy drinks – which are endocrine distruptors thanks to the adrenalin rush they induce, and so on. We also have huge physiological responses to stress that cause serious hormonal imbalance.

When we are emotionally aware – which means – we know what we are feeling right now, we will also be able to resist any behavior that causes us more hurt. If we are not aware enough, but ‘think’ we are just going through another normal day, our body will try to alert us by getting low on one or the other body chemical and we will respond by ingesting some physical substance, thinking we have a physical need – which is really an emotional need that we are not acknowledging. Don’t be afraid to face your emotions – in a car or on the train, or at work. It is your human right.

8) Drink lots of water.

The more water you drink, the faster any poisons can get out of your body. So just DO IT. Don’t wait to almost die of thirst. We are water beings, as soon as you feel like you’re wilting – don’t reach for the sugar, or the computer, or the phone. Reach for the water. You’ll find your stress declining amazingly when you realize that what your body really needs most of the time it’s stressed, is simple pure water.

9) Keep your home simple and organic.

This means cutting back or just not using chemical pesticides in your garden, not storing chemicals in your garage or cupboards. It means keeping your house cleaning simple with as less chemical cleaning agents as possible. You’ll find that only when dust and dirt pile up do you need chemicals ever. Our ancestors kept even the huge palaces with their thick carpets and endless windows and pillars clean without using strong chemicals. We can too if we try.

10) Give your pets natural food.

When you keep your pets on food that is processed, chances are they are taking in some chemical or the other. There are vets who have documented the effect of processed food on animals – these effects go from life span reduction to serious cancers, tumors and infertility. When our pets are on these substances, they exude them through their skin pores and their bodily fluids and so on. These can then pass on into our range of sensitivity very quickly. So stick with traditional pet food – bones and meat.

11) Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

We get exposed to a variety of pollutants every time we step outside. If we keep our hands clean, we lessen our chances of being exposed to endocrine distruptors.

and last but not least,

12) Stay clear of strong electro-magnetic fields

This means staying clear of mobile signal towers, high tension electric lines and stations, train stations in general (you don’t have to hang around there once you’re out of the train), and any other sources of manmade radiation. Keep your mobile phone conversations to the minimum – use your hands-free if you have to have long conversations. Keep your mobile phone as far from your body as possible.

In Conclusion, I would like to remind you that our bodies are made wonderfully, and if we follow even the basic commonsense natural ways of living healthy, we’ll be strong enough to resist just about anything and get stronger in the bargain. Its living unnaturally that really does us in. As long as we’re sleeping right, breathing deep, drinking enough water, eating fresh and tasty food, we’re going to be OK. It’s all about getting back to the basics of healthy human living

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